Thermit® welding processes incl. all consumables

With the Thermit® welding processes nearly all rails of various profiles and grades worldwide can be continuously welded. Thermit® consists of aluminum granulate and iron oxide which after igniting exhibits a strong exothermal reaction. The extreme reaction heat of is able to create liquid steel up to 3000 °C without an auxiliary energy source and therefore to weld the ends of rails. Using this process we guarantee you the safe joining of rails in heavy haul and high speed networks while at the same time increasing travel comfort and the lifetime of the rails.

As an end-to-end supplier of aluminothermic welding we develop, manufacture and supply all components required for our Thermit® welding processes. Among the main components are:

  • Welding compound (Thermit® portions)
  • Refractory molds
  • Crucibles
  • Tools and machines used to carry out the work


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