Measurement services

The companies of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group offer you a variety of measurement services which include the planning and execution of measurements and the analysis and documentation of the measurement results:

  • Long-/short-time stress measurements and stress-free temperature
  • Measurement of longitudinal and cross-section profiles and measurement of surface roughness
  • Track position and stability measurements
  • Track geometry testing and switch inspections
  • Bridge and component testing
  • Ultrasonic testing and inspections
  • Measurement of switch systems
  • Calibration and maintenance service

Our qualified technicians and engineers guarantee you highly precise measurement results and a longer life for your rails and wheels.

The following measurement services are offered:


Mobile, fast and non-destructive measurement of tensile and compressive stresses. Determination of stress-free temperature.


  • Prevention of rail buckles and breakage thanks to early identification of potentially dangerous track conditions
  • Non-destructive measurement method without the need to unfasten rails
  • Measurement of tensile and compressive stresses with minimal track occupation
  • Automatic documentation in accordance with railway standards
  • Suitable for non-destructive determination of reference points for permanent tensile measurement devices such as strain gauges
  • Suitable to define tensile conditions and stress-free temperature in between two permanent measurement points which may be monitored, for example, by strain gauges

Scope of service

  • Our experienced measuring experts will do all measurement work required
  • Up to 20 stress-free temperatures, reference points per shift
  • Precise measurements in any weather conditions and at any time of day
  • Detailed documentation included



Fast and precise measurement of straightness and corrugations of the running surface and gauge face for increased track safety.


  • Comprehensive electronic documentation of straightness and corrugation measurements after grinding work to protocol the acceptance of the measurement result on-site
  • Helps to ensure precise track position
  • The result is reduced wear of rail and wheel which leads to lower maintenance costs

Scope of service

  • Our measurement experts carry out the necessary measurements
  • On-site analysis of the measurements possible
  • Including extensive measurement records and documentation
  • Straightness measurement for welding, fishplate and insulated joints
  • Measurement of short, medium and long wave track defects and corrugations


Are you interested in our range of products and services or have questions? Please contact us. We will be glad to help you.